Everything about Vessel NYC

If you are living in the New York City then you must have heard about the massive project near Hudson River, which is coming up that is going to be one of the biggest neighbourhoods in the city. There will be plenty of office buildings, residential apartments and condos, hotels, restaurants, cultural centres, observation towers and many more.

Another eye-catching centrepiece of the development of Hudson yard is the vessel, which is a larger than life artwork. The whole thing was conceived by a British designer called Thomas Heatherwick. The vessel is a very huge honeycomb basket and is made of number of steel staircases interlinked with each other. There are 154 staircases with 2,500 individual steps that has been built across 15 storeys. The vessel will weigh 600 tonnes. After it is ready, the vessel can hold 1,000 people at a time and therefore you can just imagine the size of queen bee who must be sitting inside that giant honeycomb basket.

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What Inspired Vessel?

The designer Heatherwick once saw a simple wooden staircase in some abandoned building and that stuck to him that the step is not leading to anywhere. If you look at it even in its unfinished stage, it will look like any science fiction film. The main aim of the designer was to lift people above from the ground level so that they can see the city which is totally new and fresh.

Who’s Paying for Vessel?

Many people are interested to know who is going to foot the bill for this public art installation. The billionaire property developer called Stephen Ross, who is also the owner of Hudson yards will be the person who will bear all the cost. This project is one of the largest private real estate projects in the history of US. Ross wants to make this as one of the icons of New York, something like Eifel tower in Paris.

When this Hudson Yards Vessel is going to open?

This is another billion-dollar question. Since the project cost has increased from original estimate of $75 million to $200 million due to construction delay. The project started on 18th April, 2017 and still it is going on in full swing. At present, the target of completion is spring season of 2019, however we are keeping our fingers crossed.

What are other developments at Hudson Yards?

Only vessel is not the only thing that Hudson Yards project will have. It is in the neighbourhood of Midtown westside and Manhattan therefore it is expected to something much bigger than these two areas. There will be Hudson Yard Mall, where most of the famous retailers will have their outlets. Besides that, there will be hotels, restaurants, residential complexes, cultural centre